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Cellphones allowed into North korea!

Richie has just returned from our first group tour of the year and brings some pretty big news! At the moment  the DPRK is saying you can bring phones into the country. Satellite phones are still banned, but for now at least the ban on bringing mobile phones into North Korea appears to be lifted.

This is great news for those who use their phones as a watch, alarm and camera, or just can’t stop playing angry birds, but of course you still won’t be able to connect to the Koryolink network with your outside phone.

The group were also the first tour group to visit the updated mausoleum, renamed Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, details on the changes within to come soon!

This news along with the increased train schedule (daily trains between Pyongyang and Dandong), the intended Air Koryo increase to 5 flights a week during peak season (though this may be affected by China’s ban on certain older Air Koryo planes) and the opening of the Namyang border to Westerners we achieved in November last year, seem to show intent to make tourism easier and a larger part of the economy. Which is of course great news for those planning to visit the DPRK!


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