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Can you travel to Sealand in 2024

We recently did a post on Facebook whereby we asked what countries it was that Young Pioneer Tours should go to as future destinations. One of those suggested was Sealand, so we asked the obvious question, can you travel to Sealand and we got a reply!

And not just a reply, but one from the Royal Government itself!

What the Sealand?

Sealand, or rather the Principality of Sealand is a World War 2 Tower, namely Roughs Tower that was taken over by a Roy Bates in the mid 1960’s when it was located in international waters.

Initially it was a pirate radio station, before Roy did what any sane person would do and declared it a Principality, witch himself as Crown Prince.

Now if it sounds like we are talking mockingly here, we really are not as this was an inspiration for Lets Buy An Island, as well as for the Principality of Islandia.

There has been a whole history since full of intrigue, recognition and even war, but we will deal with this in another article.

What is Sealand today?

Today it exists in that middle ground between being a country and not. Of course those of the UN country collector club would insist indeed it is not a country, while others would say it is.

Alas it does not fit into the unrecognized county club, nor does it exist in the “micronation” club, it is just Sealand.

And it has sports teams, a small population, a currency and even the ability to buy Lordships although passports are no longer available for this particular project.

Oh and YPT do count it as a country, as per our own very unique list.

Can you visit Sealand?

In the past you could very much visit Sealand, although it has been sparingly at best. Most of the people who have visited have done so through being friends of the royal Bates family, with Lets Buy An Island even managing too get the Islandia flag flown there.

There have also been paid trips, as well as conference that was held in the “country”, but alas no tourism industry to speak of.

I personally spent many years emailing them, but alas never received a reply until now that is.

Can you visit Sealand now?

Can you visit Sealand now? Sadly the short answer to this is no you cannot, but we did at least receive an answer from the government which read as follows

“Although trips to Sealand have been temporarily suspended, please rest assured that we are actively evaluating the situation.

We remain hopeful that trips to Sealand may become available once again in the future!

 Any updates or developments will be promptly communicated to all our official Noble Title holders. Further updates will be through our monthly newsletter, our social media channels, and our official website.

 We appreciate your interest in visiting Sealand and your for support”

So, while the Principality remains closed for the time being, they do plan to let people visit one day, with YPT planning to be at forefront of Pioneering travel to Sealand.

And as for the rest of your wonderful suggestions for places that Young Pioneer Tours would add to our destinations, we are methodically working through them to see if and what can be done.

In the meantime though, we can still offer our huge array of International Tours, as well as even the chance to rent your own island/country, something not many companies can offer!

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