Young Pioneer Tours

Private Island Rental

In partnership with our friends at Lets Buy An Island, Young Pioneer Tours are now pleased ago announce a brand new product, private island rental.

Private Island Rental

Started in 2018, Lets Buy An Island became the first group to ever crowdfund buying a private island for commercial use. Alas since purchase, the world has been gripped by the coronavirus pandemic and progress on the island stalled, but Belize is now opening, and thus, the private island is now available to customers.

Location of Coffee Island

Coffee Island is located in the nation of Belize around 9km at sea from Belize City, and thus the international airport.

Getting to Coffee Island

It has no infrastructure (yet), but the Northern side is decorated with beauty areas, pine trees and shrubs. The rest of the island is surrounded by ‘palmita’ stakes forming a low wall roughly between 3 and 8 metres offshore. This has been done to help with erosion.

How Big Is the Island?

The island is relatively big at 1.1 acres, with the ability to reclaim land and make it bigger in the future (a work in progress).

What Can Be Done With the Island?

Well, as of now, it is a blank slate without any infrastructure, so it will make a perfect place for extreme camping, retreats, or just a great place for camping and watching the stars.

How Much Is It to Rent the Island?

Whilst there is nothing located on the island, we are very open to negotiations. Simply get in touch and start the process of renting coffee island for your very own Private Island Rental.