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Can you drink in Kuwait? 2024 Guide

Can you drink in Kuwait in 2024? The short answer to this is no you cannot, but with
that being said drinking alcohol does take place within the country.
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What is the law about drinking in Kuwait?

Dirking alcohol is not actually illegal in Kuwait, but the production and sale of it is,
which for all intents makes it de-facto illegal. In real terms this means that foreigners
or locals that are “hooked up” can indeed drink.
We have heard that prices for a bottle of whisky or vodka can run into the hundreds
of dollars.
Yet while consumption of alcohol mighty be ignored socially it is still not an accepted
thing and you should never under any circumstances be drunk in a public place in
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What can you drink in Kuwait?

Kuwait has lots of great fun soft-drinks, such as British and regional labourite Vimto,
as well as Coke, Fanta and all other soft-drinks you might imagine. Of course tea os
the most traditional of drinks and is had either straight, or heavily sweetened.

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Amazingly as well there is a Lot of non-alcoholic beer, which does not taste all that
great and is more of tease than anything else!

How conservative if Kuwait and will drinking be possible in the future?

Despite the laws on drinking Kuwait is a relatively liberal country, at least in
comparison to other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, something obvious in
what people wear and indeed how they act.
Whether change will come soon though is yet to be seen and the county will likely be
watching Saudi Arabia and its Vision 2030 before it acts.

Should they decide to open up the country though there are certainly some great
islands and beaches for people to utilize!
For now though take it as it is and embrace going a few days without drinking whilst
visiting Kuwait.
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