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Can Russians go to North Korea in 2024?

You might have noticed a certain Mr Putin in Russia this week and asked yourself if Russians can go to North Korea right now, or indeed can anyone visit the DPRK in 2024?

Well as with everything in the country the answer is nuanced and filled with far more unknowns than we would really like.

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Russian tourists to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

During the era of the Soviet Union Eastern Bloc visitors, as well as the odd fraternal western organizations were the principal customers of the Korean International Travel Company – the state run tourist monolith.

During this period tours were not all that different to now, save how money was done. During this period Russians as the prevalent race of the USSR were the biggest tourists to the DPRK, although this would change greatly after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Around this time it would be the Chinese, whom DPR Korea had managed to stay friends with through the Sino-Soviet split who would take over as the main tourists visiting the nation.

And as for the Russians? Well the moneyed ones fancied something a little more adventurous.

Can Russians go to North Korea – What has changed?

So, while Russians stopped going to North Korea this was not because they were banned and there remained some groups, mostly nostalgic about communism who still came. These were though small numbers with us personally not taking many Russians into North Korea.

There has though been some interest within both nations though about increasing ties over tourism with North Korea and surprisingly its beaches being of interest. Many Russians actually went to the casino in Rason, while the Wonsan Tourist Area was speculated by many to be aimed at Russia.

Currently many Russians travel to places like Weihai in China for a bit of sun and sea action.

Can Russians go to North Korea in 2024?

Last year Foreign Minister Lavrov visited the DPRK to discuss many things, one of them being tourism. This led to a large delegation of Russians being essentially the only people able to visit North Korea in 2024. This sadly has not led to a big opening up of DPR Korea, but it has defiantly been seen as a step in the right direction.

We can also be a little bit confident at least with regard to Putins visit to the country, which is happening now. And while tourism is unlikely to be front and centre for their discussions, any opening up at all can be seen as a good thing.

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