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Camping in North Korea

When it comes to the tourist industry in North Korea, people often concentrate on what cannot be done, but in fact, you can do a lot more things than people realize, such as hiking and camping in North Korea!

Back in 2013, YPT announced our first ever camping tour to North Korea with the following rather short announcement.

“Big News! YPT has just finalized arrangements for a very special tour event.

Guests will be able to travel by train from Pyongyang to Hyangsan and CAMP overnight in the Mt Myohyang region.

Itinerary to come soon, but this will be a very unique first in the DPRK! Contact us if you’d like to be one of the first to spend a night in the open rather than a hotel for foreigners!”

Sadly this tour did not eventually come into fruition, but that does not mean it is not still a possibility!

Camping in socialist countries

Camping has actually always been a firm favorite in socialist countries back in the days of the DDR (East Germany) camping, including nudest camping, was a big deal. In Cuba, even today, you will see many grounds, or simple beach houses littered around the country and available for cheap rates to the Cuban workers.

Camping in North Korea has never had that degree of popularity, but it is far from unknown to North Korean citizens.

Can you go camping in North Korea?

Obviously and not unlike other countries, you cannot just camp anywhere in North Korea, but as a country full of such outdoor beauty, there are a number of places where camping is permitted.

Where can you go camping in North Korea?

There is far from a definitive list of places that you can go pitch a tent in North Korea, but places such as Mt Myohyang, Mt Kumgang, and Mt Chilbo would be some of the best places. Interestingly Mt Chilbo is also home to the only homestay in North Korea, and sleeping outdoors can indeed be included as part of a trip here.

Are there any group tours that include camping?

With North Korea now closed to tourism, we do not currently offer any trips to the DPRK, but it is certainly something we are exploring for when the country again reopens.

Can I go camping on an independent tour?

Why not! It is an independent tour, after all!

To book a specialized tour or indeed any other independent tour check out our main page and get in touch….

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