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Top Beach Resorts To Visit In The South Pacific

Upon hearing the words ‘South Pacific’, people start daydreaming about this beautiful paradise. There you can find blue waters, palm trees, and luxurious resorts. In this article, you will discover some of the wonderful resorts in the South Pacific that you should visit now:

Hayman Island in Australia

At the center of Whitsunday Island, you can find a private resort known as Hayman Island. This is near the Great Barrier Reef. Indeed, you can do various nature-based events in the resort just like in the Russell Holiday Park. The island features suites, 160 rooms, villas, and penthouses in its three main buildings. You can dine on local and international culinary specialties. The water sports centre and spa are also captivating places to visit during your tour!

Pacific Resort Aitutaki in the Cook Islands

If you are searching for a relaxing and romantic place in Polynesia, then you can visit the Pacific Resort Aitutaki. In the resort, you can find a collection of 27 suites and bungalows. Each one is decorated beautifully and sports luxurious amenities. Guests can spend their vacation by the beach, pool or spa. Moreover, you can snorkel at the eco-trail or explore the lagoon.

Bond with your friends and family while sipping cocktails at the poolside. Enjoy the amazing dishes served at the Rapae Bay restaurant which overlooks the lagoon. As soon as you make a reservation, be assured that you will leave recharged and refreshed. You will take away nothing but happy memories from this paradise in the Cook Islands.

Kokomo Island in Fiji

Kokomo Island is located at Kadavu group of island and it is only a 45-minute flight from Nadi International Airport. This island is surrounded by the Great Astrolabe Reef. You will be awestruck by the white sand beaches. Customer service and privacy of the island is superb, and you will surely enjoy the experience. There are 21 rooms in the resort which is available for one to three persons. There are also villas where you can stay. Every villa has its deck where you can see the blue waters. If you wish to have an elevated view, then you can choose the villas at the hilltop. There are personal butler, chef, and nanny who can help you enjoy your stay in the resort.

The Brando at French Polynesia

The Brando is an amazing resort that you can find in French Polynesia. It is a breathtaking island of Tetiaroa. You can access the said island only by a private plane. In the resort, you can find 35 villas with white sand. In here you can spot the exotic birds, sea turtles, and manta rays just like in Russell Holiday Park.

The resort features a unique Polynesian lifestyle, culture, and tradition. In this wonderland, Marlon Brando decided to settle down and call it home. The room Brando stayed in costs around 3,000 euro a night and it is the cheapest room. However, it is inclusive of food and drinks.

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