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Australia Extends Travel Ban

Introduction – Australia Extends Travel Ban

Australia Extends Travel Ban. Australia has announced that they will be extending their ban on people travelling overseas until at least the first quarter of 2021.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt announced on Tuesday the human biosecurity emergency period, due to be lifted next week, will now remain in place until at least mid-March of 2021. He cites an unacceptable risk to the lifting of the travel ban.

Australia Extends Travel Ban – with exceptions

The measures have been in place since March 18th of 2020, so at their expiration will have been in place for at least a year. This excludes the small travel corridors between New Zealand and Nauru, for example.

Australian citizens wishing to return home can still do so, but at enormous expense and with a 14-day quarantine to deal with.

Moves like this seem to be more of a common trend than countries opening up sadly. Last month the Philippines said they would not be opening until the second half of 2021, with Vietnam voicing similar opinions.

Therefore sadly for our Australian friends, it will still be a while before we can see you on one of our tours! Of course, there is obviously no guarantee that the ban will even be lifted in March.

But as they say, dreaming is free, so please do take a look at our 2021 tours, and we will soon be releasing our 2022 program (we really hope the world has been fixed by then).

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To keep up to date on travel restrictions by country and indeed which countries are open and available to tourism, check out our Covid-19 tracker.

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