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A Guide to Food in Myanmar

Nestled in between some of the best food regions in the world, India, Thailand and China. Myanmar has some of the most exciting and varied cuisines in all Southeast Asia. This is our guide to what to eat when travelling in through this unexplored paradise!


One of my all-time favourite foods, Mohinga! This is a turmeric and fish based soup with topped with chili flakes, coriander and lime juice! Served with a fried breadstick this makes for an awesome start to every morning! Now if fish or salty in the morning isn’t your thing? Then take my word and just try it. It is amazing and I am guaranteed you’ll love it!


myanmar 4

Burmese cuisine is famous for its fresh style salads known as Toke. The traditional favourite is Lape Toke which is made using fermented tea leaves, roasted sesame seeds and smash garlic and chilli. A fusion of bitter, crunchy and spicy makes for a great snack or addition to any Burmese meal!

 Shan noodles

Shan state lying to Myanmar’s east has a distinct Chinese feel in its cooking. Noodles from Shan are absolutely amazing and can be found all over the country. In a thick salty sauce with peanuts these are great for a quick lunch on the go when sightseeing the busy streets of Yangon!

Burmese curry!

myanmar 3

There are literally hundreds of these curries all over the country. Too many to pick one for my favourite. So to try a selection I recommend you head down to “Feel Good Myanmar Restaurant”. Grab a plate and point and the kind ladies behind the counter will tell you what type of meat is inside. Just pick what looks good and eat away.

Something sweet?

Dosas, the indian style crepes can be found throughout Myanmar from street food stores. They can be filled with savory or sweet. My favourite is the coconut and banana filled one which is super awesome and super cheap!


Now being a hot country in Southeast Asia there’s only one real way to cool down. That is an ice cold beer. Mandalay lager is the go to and if you’re looking for something stronger go the Mandalay strong ale!

This is only scratching the surface of the amount of amazing food that Myanmar has on offer!

Come with YPT this December to explore the amazing foods of Myanmar some of it which will be cooked with local homestay families!


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