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7 Amazing Photos of Korea before the War

Fun fact! 98% of travellers to North Korea feature a Facebook profile photo of themselves in North Korea for at least three years after their tour! Nowadays Pyongyang photos area lmost cliche! But what were things like before the reds rocked up?

The Iconic Pyongyang Skyline

Its common knowledge that Pyongyang features one of the most unique and dare I say iconic skylines of any capital city in the world. From the Lego block-esque old-Soviet style apartment blocks of East Pyongyang to the imposing Juche Tower on the Taedong River, going by everyone’s favourite Ryugyong Hotel soaring over the city, Pyongyang’s skyline is undoubtedly unique.

Photos of Pyongyang before the war

While Pyongyang was almost entirely flattened by bombings during the Korean War, there are very few photos of a pre-war Pyongyang and Korea as a whole. For a city re-built from ashes, Pyongyang’s city is meticulously planned out. So what did this city and Korea look like prior to the war? Originally posted on, here are our seven favourite photos of some fascinating photos of Korea before the war.

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