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6 Tips for Staying in Touch With Your Parents While You’re Traveling

Work or pleasure, traveling can be an exhilarating experience, indeed! Sadly, it might also mean spending time away from loved ones.

Whether it’s that long-awaited vacation or an extended business trip overseas, staying in touch with those closest to your heart is paramount.

But worry not. Here are some tips for keeping your parents looped into your travels, making them feel closer despite being miles away.

1. Schedule Regular Video Calls

In an ever-advancing digital age, distance is no longer a hindrance as far as staying connected with family members back home is concerned. Not with video call platforms like Skype and Zoom or FaceTime around for virtual face-to-face conversations!

All you need to do is set regular dates and times for these calls, taking into consideration time zone differences. It’s a chance to provide reassurance that all is well as you keep your parents in the loop about your adventures.

2. Send Your Mom Flowers for Mother’s Day or Her Birthday

Everyone loves a good surprise, including your mom! Show her she’s in your thoughts by sending a whimsical bouquet during special events such as her birthday or Mother’s Day.

Plus, there’s no shortage of online florists offering worldwide delivery services these days.

For instance, consider the under $50 collection or similar offers at Bouqs and other flower delivery websites for beautiful arrangements that won’t stretch your travel budget.

It’s a gesture that speaks volumes about your love and thoughtfulness, no matter the distance.

3. Share Your Adventures on Social Media

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We live in a time where you can let your experiences be known to your loved ones through the power of social media!

Create a separate album just for your parents, or share it with everyone if that feels more comfortable. Post pictures of the places you visit, cute coffee shops you discover, or even videos of spectacular sunsets.

While at it, even simple tidbits like food pictures can give them a sense of what life is like for you on the road.

4. Host a Virtual Family Dinner 

Even if you’re miles apart, eating together can still be viable. A virtual family dinner using platforms such as Zoom or Google Hangouts can bring everyone closer.

Here’s what you could do:

Pick a suitable time, share the same recipe with each other, and then cook simultaneously. Enjoy the meal while catching up on each other’s day.

It will almost feel like you’re all in the same room!

5. Mail Traditional Postcards and Letters

Image: unsplash

Despite living in a digital world, there’s still something incredibly heartwarming about receiving old-fashioned mail. Gathering postcards or drafting letters to your parents from the places you visit can be an intimate way of sharing your experiences.

You could jot down interesting stories from your travels, describe beautiful sights, or express how much you miss them.

It’s a personal touch that digital communication often lacks, and it’ll certainly brighten up their day when they find it in their mailbox.

6. Set Up a Family Group Chat

For instant day-to-day updates, nothing beats the convenience of a family group chat. The likes of WhatsApp, Messenger, and Viber allow for quick and easy communication across the globe.

You can let loved ones know when you’ve safely arrived after a long flight, update them on the hilarious incident you experienced at the local marketplace, or just share snippets of your day.

Besides keeping parents abreast of your adventures in real time, a group chat also serves as a digital diary worth revisiting later to relive precious memories.

Wrap Up

Traveling the world doesn’t mean you should lose touch with your loved ones back home. With these practical tips, you can keep your parents updated, share your moments, and make them feel close, no matter where you are.

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