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5 things that make you realize you are on the Pamir Highway

1. Lenin Statues

Of course! You’re driving through a part of the former Soviet-Union. While in several places they removed the links to the past, in a village like Mugarb nobody seems to care about it. Lenin is still standing there in the cold and in the heat of the Central Asian plateau. It’s impressive, as it also makes you wonder; who took the effort to take that heavy statue all the way over there, in this remote corner of the world?!

2. No mobile connection

This is partly a good thing. Driving along long and quiet roads also means that TCell (the biggest service network in Tajikistan) doesn’t work. That means no cool status updates or Instagram-stories. But good conversations with the people around you! When you take your daily vodka-shot you can just enjoy the moment and save everything for later!

3. Look! A lonely cycler!

Always, wherever in the world you are, you will meet a lonely star who’s cycling the world. The Pamir Highway is a favourite for many of these lone stars so you can almost bet your Bitcoin that we’re going to see one. And he’s probably Dutch, because that’s what they always do, cycling!

4. There are no ATMs

No money, no problem! But not along the Pamir Highway. There won’t be any ATMs so stock up on your bills before we hit the road. But do not worry too much, most of it is already included in the tour price so it’s just extra spending that you will need. Plus, once we hit Dushanbe you can take out cash anywhere you want!

5. There’s a landscape you’ve never seen before

Together with the Karakoram Highway the Pamir Highway is named as one of the most beautiful road trips in the world. Yes, you’re stuck in a car for hours every day. But does it matter when the view outside your window is like nothing you’ve ever seen before? High peaks, rivers, vast landscapes, the Pamir Highway has it all.

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