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YPT Somaliland and Eritrea Group Tours 2018

Somaliland Independence Day Tour May 15th May 21st €995 Hargeisa – Berbera – Sheikh – Hargeisa 6 nights, 7 days
Somaliland and Eritrea – Horn of Africa Independence Day Tour May 15th May 29th €1990/€2590 (incl flights) Hargeisa – Berbera – Sheikh – Hargeisa – Asmara –  Massawa – Asmara 14 nights, 15 days
Somaliland, Eritrea and Socotra (Yemen) Arabian Sea Combo May 15th June 6th €3395/€4295 (incl flights) Hargeisa – Berbera – Sheikh – Hargeisa – Asmara –  Massawa – Asmara – Socotra 21 nights, 22 days
Eritrea National Day Tour May 22nd May 29th €1095 Asmara – Massawa – Asmara 7 nights, 8 days
Eritrea and Socotra (Yemen) Combo May 22nd June 6th €2490/€2790 (incl flights) Asmara –  Massawa – Asmara – Socotra 15 nights, 16 days

Travel to Somaliland

Following Young Pioneer Tours successful research trip to the breakaway state of Somaliland and more importantly our first group tour to Somaliland to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their independence we are pleased to announce that we will now be offering a yearly tour to celebrate Somaliland independence. Check out the link for more details. For those wishing to travel to Somaliland in 2018 we will be offering our regular Somaliland National Day Tour, which can be combined with our yearly tour to Eritrea, as well as our new tour to Socotra.

Whilst Somaliland is not North Korea, it is still not one of the easiest places to visit, with all guests required to use a local registered agent, such as Young Pioneer Tours that comes with a guide, and even your own personal armed guards. We are currently working on a dedicated page for information on independent travel to Somaliand, but in the meantime if you would like to travel to Somaliland contact us to arrange a quote.


Travel to Eritrea

Following Young Pioneer Tours January research trip to Eritrea and our subsequent first tour where we took 20 people to celebrate the 25th year of Eritrean independence. The trip was frankly out of this world and we now be offering an Eritrean National Day Tour as a yearly event. For those wishing to travel to Eritrea in 2018 check our our national day tour, which can be done as a standalone trip, or combined with our yearly trip for Somaliland National Day, as well as our new trip to Socotra, Yemen.

Whilst we are only currently planning on taking one group tour a year to Eritrea, we do understand that one date per year is certainly not enough for intrepid country collectors that want to travel to Eritrea. We are therefore very happy to announce that in cooperation with our tourism partners in Asmara we are now able to offer independent travel packages to Eritrea.

Eritrea whilst certainly not as strict for for tourism as North Korea, does still have quite a strict visa policy, and unfortunately simply applying for a visa and rocking up in the country won’t work, and to get your visa to Eritrea generally speaking you should be part of an organized tour by an authorized agency to Eritrea such as Young Pioneer Tours. That being said the packages that we offer can be highly customized and when in the city you are perfectly free to “wander off” unlike in North Korea.

We are currently working on a dedicated page for independent travel and visa services to Eritrea, but in the meantime please feel free to contact us if you would like us to design an individual quote for you.