Pyongyang Marathon 2017

All Pyongyang Marathon tours are closed for 2017

pyongyang marathon

Join us in the DPRK to partake in the Pyongyang marathon event of 2017. This incredible event is the forth year running that is open to all tourists wanting to compete or to spectate from the grandstands of Kim Il Sung Stadium! Everyone on this tour will have the opportunity to watch the opening and closing of the ceremony in the heart of the stadium with 70,000 locals cheering on!

We here at YPT want to deliver you the best possible experience for this year’s marathon with an unbeatable price. That’s why we have created four unique Marathon tours to best fit your time, budget and needs for seeing the must see sights of Pyongyang!

Registry for all marathon runners is on a first come first served basis and limited to 1500 runners in total, so if you wish to run, book now! Running isn’t your thing? No problems! Join the locals in Kim Il Sung Stadium as the marathon takes off and observe the marathon from the streets of Pyongyang or watch a local DPRK football match within the stadium.

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Name of Tour Start Date End Date Details Extension
Pyongyang Marathon Tour April 7th April 14th €1095 (option €100 flight one way or €150 return) Beijing – Pyongyang – Beijing 5 nights, 6 days Sinuiju Overnight Extension
Pyongyang Marathon and Kim Il Sung Birthday Tour April 7th April 18th €1495 (option €100 flight one way or €150 return) Beijing – Pyongyang – Beijing 9 nights, 10 days Sinuiju Overnight Extension
Pyongyang Marathon Express Tour  April 7th  April 10th Closed for new bookings Beijing Extension
Pyongyang Marathon Ultra Budget Tour  April 8th  April 10th €495 (extra option for the train either way between Dandong and Beijing) Dandong – Pyongyang – Dandong 2 nights, 3 days Dandong Extension