Yough Pioneer Tours

Payment Policy

Payment terms:

  • To book your tour we require a 30% deposit. The remaining 70% balance must be paid in cash at the pre-tour meeting.
  • Our North Korean Ultra Budget tours require a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% balance to be paid 30 days prior to the tour commencing. Any bookings made under 30 days will be required to be paid in full.

Payment options:

  1. International Bank Transfer to China (EURO, USD)
  2. Domestic Bank Transfer within China or Alipay (Chinese Yuan)
  3. PayPal (USD)
  4. UK Bank Transfer (GBP)


International Bank Transfer to China

  • Our main method of payment is to our China based business account. Customers are expected to pay the bank transfer fees. Usually your bank will inform you of the cost and you will pay up front. In some cases, however, banks do not have direct connections and may need to use an intermediary bank which may also take a fee of between 10-15 Euro, without prior announcement. In such cases this fee will be considered the customer’s responsibility. All payments are settled in Euro.

Domestic Bank Transfer within China or Alipay/WeChat

  • Direct deposit fees within China are minimal and should cost you no more than 50 RMB with no extra charges other than those stated by the bank you deposit with. For those paying in RMB YPT Group LTD charge an additional one off handling fee of 50 RMB to cover currency exchange expenses (all of our bills are settled in Euro). We can also accept payments via Alipay or WeChat service.


  • PayPal payments to China require us to receive in USD ONLY, and also charges a 3.75% receiver’s fee for merchant accounts which the customer is required to pay. Exchange rates must be calculated at the Bank of China selling daily rates.

UK Bank Transfer

  • For those transferring within the UK/EU we offer the possibility of sending to our UK bank account in Pounds Sterling at a rate pre-arranged with YPT Group LTD. We charge an additional fee of 25 pounds for all deposits to our UK bank account. This is to cover currency exchange and transfer to China (we are not based in the UK).

Cash payment

  • YPT Group LTD accept payment by cash at our offices located in Beijing, Shenzhen and Dandong by pre-appointment. We accept Euro, RMB (CNY), or USD only.


  • YPT Group cannot accept payment by PayPal for trips to the DPRK (North Korea), Iran, or Myanmar (Burma)

Cuba Tours:

  • Tours to Cuba are run independently of YPT Group LTD by UK based YPT Caribbean LTD and are merely recommended by YPT. All payments are processed through YPT Caribbean LTD. YPT Caribbean cannot accept payment by Paypal for trips to Cuba.