Young Pioneer Tours

YPT Membership Terms & Conditions

The following document concerns both the liability of Young Pioneer Tours and the responsibilities of the customer.

– Paying for YPT Membership is completely non-refundable but lasts for life!

– Payment can be made by PayPal, credit card or international wire with all fees payable by the sender.

– If a membership card is lost we can send out a replacement for a nominal cost.

– YPT Members will automatically get up to a €50 discount on any DPRK group tour and 5% discount on any international group tour, subject to our discretion.

– Redemption of Pioneer Miles cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, or the returner’s discount.

– One-off membership discounts of €100 can only be used on tours over €500 in price and discounts of €200+ only on tours over €1000 in price or split between two tours. They can only be used on group tours (not independent tours) and cannot be used in conjunction with normal membership tour discounts. Tour discount excludes additional services, such as tour extensions, hotel rooms, room upgrades, flights, and visa fees. This is also applicable when calculating the value of the tour and Pioneer miles earned. This offer ends on 31st December 2023.

– YPT t-shirts and products are dependent on stock and if your preferred choice is sold out we can offer alternatives.

– You can upgrade your membership at any time by getting in touch with your YPT sales agent.

– YPT will not share your personal data and/or contact information with any third party

– YPT reserves the right to amend the details of the programme and these terms and conditions at any time but will always honour the conditions of sale at the point of purchase.