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2011 Program Confirmed

We are currently waiting for final confirmation from Korea about prices, events etc for next year, not to mention seeing how much the Chinese side raise prices too, but we have put together a tentative itinerary for tours that will definitely be taking place next year.

We also have a number of exciting add on tours that can be combined with a regular tour, such as exstensions to Tibet, Burma and Rason, but they we will give more information later.

Again itineraries also still need to put together, but rest assured all will include our little signature specialities such as local bars, firing a gun at chickens, department store, and Young Pioneers having a ball………..

We plan to keep prices as close to last year as possible, but we have to see what external factors there are.

But here it is as best we can…

January 31st – February 5th/7th Spring Festival DISCOUNT tour double timed, 5 night 7 night in and out by train or flight.

March – We are planning a 1-4 week Korean language/Juche idea study tour. Details to come.

April – 11th-16th/18th. Double timed Kim Il Sung birthday tour, with an optional Tibet week exstension afterwards.

April 29th-May 4th/6th. Double timed tour, May Day tour, and 3rd year party for YPT! With all company members coming for the jollyup…

June 13th-18th/21st . Watch the Korean FA Cup final, with an optional 2 days in China to watch footie, perhaps even some play at the national stadium.

July 7th – 15th. Our first ever North/South tour, 3 days in each country seeing the DMZ from both sides. 1 day of pure communism/capitalism on both sides.

August 1-7/Aug 8-13/15/17. Quad timed tour! 1 week in Tibet and 5/7/9 nights in NK for the start of Arirang, not for the faint hearted! Either/or and optional. Tibet, NK, 5, 7 , or 9

September 5th-10th/12th DPRK Revisted, for all the cats that have been but want to go again


September 13th-17th Rason extension, which can also be done as stand alone.

September 19th-27th. Golf anyone? Pyongyang Amateur Golf Classic, for those inclined….

September 26th – October 1st/4th – Arirang Tour!

October 10th-14th. Mini Arirang, super short, super Arirang, and super super cheap!

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