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The 10 Worst Travellers That We ALL Meet – 2024 Edition

Travelling brings with it a rich tapestry of people many of whom ate wonderful. Many are friends that we make for a short time, others are ones that last for a lifetime. Some though are just plain assholes.

This is a guest piece for YPT, that is supposed to be very tongue in cheek. In you are offended because you see yourself on this list, well maybe you have bigger issues…

Worst Travellers – The Bill Splitter

OK, so sometimes bill splitting is OK and understandable, bit on other occasions it is not. I remember an actual trip to Venezuela back in the dark days of the early Maduro years and having a HUGE meal. We had starters, steak, desert and even wine.

I remember the bill coming working it out and saying proudly “Wow if we split the bill it is like $3.40 each”, to which one legendarily cheap traveller replied “I didn’t have a starter”. I shaved off the 12 cents from his bill, paid it myself and vowed never to be part of the same bill as him.

Money in Sudan
Money in Sudan

Worst Travellers – The Country Collectors

OK, so in a sense I am part of this club myself and I don’t hold anything against country collecting as a rule, BUT it can be taken too far.

Often time these people become obnoxious in their pursuits, as well as downright ridiculous. I remember a guy telling me he did not want to come to Greenland as he had already been to Denmark. Poor form.

The passport stamp of South Ossetia

Worst Travellers – The EXTREME Photographer

There is nothing wrong with taking pictures and everyone can appreciate those who have spent thousands on their craft, but again another set of people that can, but not always become obnoxious.

It really is never ever cool to treat local people like they are your play things. It is not cool to tell the tribesman to stand still and hold his cow so that you can take your dream shot. Oh and if no one pays you for your photos, it is a hobby not a profession.

Be careful too, there are some travel agents out there where this is also the guide…

To read about the Extreme Philippines Tour click here.

Socotra Tours

Worst travellers  – The Linguist

Now before you go thinking I am being all English here I am not. I personally speak a few languages myself, but what I do not do is ram it full frontal down people throats.

The linguist is all together far too proud of his skills and takes no better pleasure than in correcting other travellers.

Worst Travlers

Worst Travellers – The Topper

Remember “completed it mate” from the Inbetweeners? Well this is the travel equivalent of Jay. Whatever you did, he/she did it before, cheaper and better.

Toppers often hang out in packs, which itself tends to lead to what is known in the trade as a pissing contest.

Worst Travellers – The how the F did you get here

The two the how the F did you get here can either be a man, or a woman and are either not well travelled, or simply really not very good at it. Hence the wonder of how they actually ended up where they are.

In the expat world they tend to find boyfriends, or girlfriends very quickly, while on tour they either do the same, or become magnets to the guide.

Worst Travlers

Worst Travellers – Woke Up in the wrong place

This is not actually a woke rant, it is a matter of fact of travel rant. While it is OK to be woke about things at home, this does not always translate.

I have been in third world places where people have berated the locals for littering, or how they treat dogs for example. Now to be clear I don’t agree with littering, or the mistreatment of dogs, but lecturing people who are in extreme poverty really is putting your first world problems on them.

Worst travellers – the drunk

I famously like a drink, but it is not the reason for my travel and I moderate it when on tour, or indeed places of interest.

For some people though traveling seems to just be areas to get fucked up. I’ve seen this in North Korea, Syria, and even Kuwait – the latter of which involved having to carry an elderly Ukrainian who had pissed his pants.

There is nothing wrong with getting your drink on, but hey maybe go to Spain instead?

drink in Sudan

Waster Travellers – the fake Buddhist

Can be expats, or regular travellers, but they all hold the same core tenets. Firstly they think Buddhism is a “state of mind” rather than a religion and secondly they think they know more about it than actual Buddhists.

I once remember taking a bus from Thailand to Cambodia and hearing an English “buddhist” explain to a Cambodian that it wasn’t a religion. She disagreed, but he was very quick to correct her and well just talk over her.


And last but not least on the worst travel list? – The racist

In some respects the polar opposite of the guy that really loves the country too much, in fact exactly that. This person does nothing but complain about everything from the food to the “cleanliness”.

Can be from anywhere, but particularly prevalent in the post-colonial type variety!

And those are our 10 worst travellers, did we miss any out? Should we expand on this list? Are you on the list?

Most importantly though most travellers, particularly with YPT are absolutely wonderful folk! Which you can find out on one of our tours.

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