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Win a Free Trip to North Korea!!!

YPT 10 years

For YPT’s 10th Anniversary Year we are giving away 10 prizes to be won!

To stand a chance of winning you have to like any of our posts on this competition, write four friend’s names in the comments and share it on at least 2 of our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Twitter, Google+).

Winners will be drawn at random in reverse order on the 1st of January 2019

Here’s the list of awesome prizes you can win!

1. Win a trip to North Korea – choose from any of our standard €995 tours!

travel to north korea

2. Soviet Europe Tours – Win a free trip to Chernobyl and Transnistria – choose from any of our standard trips through the year!


3. Central Asia – half price off a Turkmenistan tour up to $1395!

Central Asia

4. Africa – half price off a standard Eritrea, Somaliland or Ethiopia tour!


5. Middle East – half price off a standard Iran or Iraqi Kurdistan tour!


6. Cuba – half price of our Cuba May Day tour!


7. Worldwide Adventures– Half price off the 2019 Least Visited Countries part 1 or part 2!


8. Ultra Budgets – Half price off any North Korea Ultra Budget Tour!

North Korea Guide

9. Receive a postcard from a North Korean! (3 people will be chosen)

10. Receive a YPT T-shirt – (3 people will be chosen)

**Terms and Conditions

– Discounts are on advertised tour price only and do not include any added extras
– Prizes are non-transferrable and valid for 1 year only
– If you are from the US or South Korea or you are a journalist and therefore cannot travel to North Korea the value of the prize can be transferred to any international tour where these restrictions do not apply

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