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Win a free trip to the DPRK – the results!

Greetings from all of us at YPT! A big thank-you to everyone who entered our competition to, amongst other things, win a free trip to the DPRK! A great many people shared the competition on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, and so we decided to make a spectacle of the prize draw by both drawing names and announcing results at our annual YPT staff meeting in Shenzhen, China!

So without further ado, we are proud to announce, in reverse order, the winners of our competition:

10: win a YPT T-shirt (3 winners)

Helena Mercer

Jessica Settle

Alexis Petitprez

9: win a postcard from the DPRK (3 winners)

Povesti Călătorești

Zohaib Rana

Martin Baker

8: half price off a DPRK ultra-budget tour

Felipe Andrado de Melo

7: half price off ‘Least Visited Countries’ (part 1 OR part 2)

James Everard

6: half price off ‘Cuba May Day’ tour

Alex Clegg

5: half price off a standard Iraqi Kurdistan or Iran tour

Kenzi Lamberto

4: half price off a standard Somaliland, Ethiopia or Eritrea tour

Chris Powell

3: half price off a Turkmenistan tour (of a value up to 1395 EUR)

Marcuz Haile

And the big two, folks – our free tours!

2: free trip to Chernobyl and Transnistria

Greg Axon

1: free trip to the DPRK

Holly Leung

A hearty congratulations to all of our winners! We will be in touch with the winners in due course, though of course if you see your name above, you are welcome to contact us!

Terms and Conditions

– Discounts are on advertised tour prices only and do not include any added extras;
– Prizes are non-transferrable and valid for 1 year only;
– If you are from the US or South Korea or you are a journalist and therefore cannot travel to North Korea the value of the prize can be transferred to any international tour where these restrictions do not apply.

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