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Which countries can’t I travel to?

Which countries can’t I travel to ? Today India was named on the British “red list” of countries, from where travel to, or from, is either banned, or highly restricted. This includes only British and Irish nationals being able to return from said countries, as well as being forced to stay in highly expensive government quarantine programs.

This follows on from a recent recent Reuters report that stated the US was planning on putting “do not travel advisories” on 80% of the worlds countries We will avoid getting too far into the “what counts as s country”, for now, but the UK red list currently contains 40 countries, yet also including the French Overseas Territory of French Guiana. For arguments sake lets about 20% of the worlds nations.

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Is there going to be a global standard on which countries I can’t  travel to?

In short no there won’t be. Which countries you can freely travel to will be a two way street, which countries your host country lets you travel to, and which countries are allowing in nationals, or residents from the country that you reside in.

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The difference between even the UK and the USA for example is roughly 100 countries, so government standards will likely vary greatly. There are though a number of nations that are likely to be on any red, or banned list regardless, with the UK red list being a good benchmark.

Which countries can’t I travel to – who is on the UK Red List

The UK red list sets a good benchmark for countries that most nations either currently do, or will ban travel to, even if people are allowed to vacation again. Countries such as Brazil, South Africa and India being point in case here.

  •     Angola
  •     Argentina
  •     Bangladesh
  •     Bolivia
  •     Botswana
  •     Brazil
  •     Burundi
  •     Cape Verde
  •     Chile
  •     Colombia
  •     Democratic Republic of the Congo
  •     Ecuador
  •     Eswatini
  •     Ethiopia
  •     French Guiana
  •     Guyana
  •     India
  •     Kenya
  •     Lesotho
  •     Malawi
  •     Mozambique
  •     Namibia
  •     Oman
  •     Pakistan
  •     Panama
  •     Paraguay
  •     Peru
  •     Philippines
  •     Qatar
  •     Rwanda
  •     Seychelles
  •     Somalia
  •     South Africa
  •     Suriname
  •     Tanzania
  •     United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  •     Uruguay
  •     Venezuela
  •     Zambia
  •     Zimbabwe

I’m American, which countries can’t I travel to?

Which countries can’t Americans travel to? Cuba and North Korea! OK hilarity aside, which countries are Americans banned to traveling to during coronavirus? As previously slated and according to Reuters about 80% of the planet. This means pretty much a green and red list, no messing about with Amber. Actually the US currently uses a level 1-4 status.

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The current American list actually only contains 34 countries on the highest risk level 4 category. The real news is that they are planning to downgrade a further 130 countries to the level 4 “do not travel list”. Thus  severely restricting where Americans will be able to travel to.

To read the current US travel advisory click here .

Which countries can are EU citizens banned from traveling to?

Whilst the European Union in many ways does act as a super-state, there is still enormous autonomy for member states. As of now there is no coherent EU policy now which countries will be on any banned list, although individual states and their red zones differ only marginally. This is something that could well change if the EU do eventually formulate their travel passport.

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Which countries can't I travel to?
Which countries can’t I travel to?

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What does this mean for international travel in the short term?

I remember when the pandemic first started and far too many people felt it to be a storm in a teacup, the evidence then as it does now contradict that somewhat. Most of us hoped that it would be over by 2021, yet here we are close to the 5th month of the year and things really do not seem all that better.

There are though of course major plus signs and things are certainly more rosy than they were a few months ago. Big economic countries such as the UK and the USA are vaccinating at record pace, and even in some developing countries, particularly in South-East and East Asia vaccinations have started.

On the flip side though India just recorded its record infections in one day, much of Africa is under crippling conditions due to the virus and even Kosovo a semi-EU state is on most red lists.

This also completely ignores the new strains of the virus, which have the potential to make things far worse than they already are.

Will I be able to travel in 2021?

That depends very much on who you are. If you are a person from a rich, or developed country that are being vaccinated then travel corridors will certainly open up to you. In essence that is what the US and UK have already announced. China are now accepting multiple vaccines and are also certainly eyeing up travel corridors.

As we’ve said many times, hopefully 2021 is the year things start to get back to normal, with 2022 being the year things actually do feel a bit like they used to.

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