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What’s it like camping in Meroe?

Generally considered the pinnacle of any touristic visit to Sudan, the pyramids of Meroe are truly a wonder of the world, but what is it like to visit them and how is camping in Meroe?

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What is Meroe?

Meroe relates to the ancient city of Meroe in what is now modern day Sudan. Located around 200km north of Khartoum it is one of if not the major draws for tourists into Sudan.

The City of Meroe dates back to at least 900 BC, with it being the capital of the Kingdom of Kush, with the main surviving elements and indeed the reason for visiting being its Pyramids. 

As per with the Egyptian Pyramids they were made as tombs, with Sudan actually boasting more pyramids than Egypt itself, although most are much simpler than in their northern neighbour. They do though offer an extremely interesting insight into the inspiration for what would later become some of the true wonders of the world. 

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The Pyramids of Meroe

As with the Egyptian Pyramids they were built as graves for royal rulers, with some known, while others remain anonymous side to lack of historical records from the period. 

Many have underground chambers, much renovation work is being done and there are some of the examples of the early Egyptian style art and hieroglyphics are truly amazing.

And as for the pyramids themselves? What is truly fascinating about many of them is that they are not all that impressive – maybe I should reword that. What I mean is that in many ways they are much simpler than the ones in Egypt, which again gives excellent insight into the process that would later lead to what we see in Egypt.  

Aside from looking at the pyramids of Meroe though, the real treat is getting to stay here. 

Are there hotels in Meroe?

Back in 2019 there were no hotels in Meroe, yet despite Covid there are now technically two hotels of a kind. One of them is an Italian run clamping site, while the second is a newly opened locally run hotel.

Our experience of said hotel was mixed at best, with little wifi being the least of our concerns compared to power cuts and a distinct aback of water. Which is all the more reason why capping is your best option here!

Camping in Meroe!

Previously camping in Meroe meant your drivers cooking from the car, or on the sane, but the new hotel at least means that cooking and toilet facilities can be done there.

Camping wise there are actually two, or three sites that offer great conditions, al of them having sand mounts to protect you from the elements. The sand and rocks also offer great stability for your tents, 

But of course camping in Meroe, or anywhere else needs more than just good tent conditions and Meroe has much more to offer.

Location wise you are so far from any city, or even buildings that there is almost ni light pollution at all, save a little from the road and the cars heading north to Abu Hamad, or south to Khartoum. This offers some truly epic star gazing, perhaps only beaten by the views you get when you are deep in the desert. 

And then there are the pyramids! Basically you are sleeping not only in view of the pyramids, but should you be naughtily minded then while technically against the rules you can go exploring them late at night – mummies beware……

And then you get to sleep either under the stars, or safely in your tent. In the morning a few hawkers will try to sell you miniature pyramids for a dollar a pop, but generally you re left alone, with the vibe being very different to Egypt. 

Therefore camping in Meroe is very much a YPT favourite thing to do, I mean how many people can say they’ve camped next to a Pyramid? 

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