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What to Pack for Tuvalu?

Tuvalu might be the third least visited country in the world, but for me, at least it is a personal favorite! There are many reasons I love Tuvalu, from the culture and the scenery to the beautiful people, but what should one pack for Tuvalu?

Summer Clothes

No matter what time of year you travel to Tuvalu it will most likely be hot, and you are unlikely to need anything more than shorts and t-shirt for the majority of your trip.

Comfortable Smart Clothes

Tuvaluans tend to be quite religious, and it is not uncommon to be invited to birthday parties, or even to church if that is your thing. Comfortable pants and something like a polo shirt will always come in handy if you want to interact with the locals.

A Rain Coat

It often rains in Tuvalu, and it rains in a big way. It is good always to have your raincoat in hand, particularly if you plan to go on boats or do any island hopping in Tuvalu.

Jeans and Light Long-Sleeved Shirt

You are likely to do most of your traveling through Funafuti by motorbike (scooter); therefore, it is good to have pants and a long sleeves shirt for safety and protection from the harsh sun.

Snorkelling Gear

Tuvalu is an excellent place for tourists, although sadly they did not get the memo. You will not be able to generally get hold of snorkelling equipment, even from the hotels. It is worth bringing a mask to Tuvalu.

A Face-Mask

Young Pioneer Tours now suggest all of our guests bring face masks when they travel. It is safe and just the right thing to do.

Bring a Camera to Tuvalu

Last but not least, Tuvalu is beautiful! When we say bring a camera, we mean not just your phone!

That Is What to Pack for Tuvalu!

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