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What is a Nile Cruise like?

YPT are always trying to strict the envelope when it comes to what we offer, and it was this that led us to a River Nile Cruise. The trip was indeed comped, but was also something we had been looking into.

This was due to the fact that many customers have, or had requested it as an extension to Egypt, or Socotra. Cruises are of course also not something Young Pioneer Tours lack experience with.

What is a River Nile Cruise?

A river Nile cruise usually starts in Aswan, or Luxor, with it taking in this stretch of water on the biggest river in the world. Of course it involves many stops, as well as the actually cruising on the Nile part.

This can be done price everything from almost budget to highly deluxe. For this experienced with YPT you could say we do less deluxe than in Antarctica, but more deluxe than your average hotel that we might usually stay at.

What are the ships like?

On our inaugural cruise we went on the Royal Beau Rivage, which is fairly middle of the road. For me it was more then enough, but some Americans onboard needed more luxury. Indeed no travel agents are created equally.

Food wise you are fed three times a day, with there also being a shop, bar and rooftop pool. Again nothing that fancy, but combined with the epic views more than enough to keep you going.

My room had two bids, with twin share being the norm, with a window that opened, as well as AC, a fridge and a TV.

What is the entertainment like on a River Nile Cruise?

These are not party ships, which is probably quite good seeing as beers and cocktails are $10+ each. This is not to say that some are not more rowdy than others. Of course factors such as who you go with and at what time play a part.

Technically you should not bring any outside drinks of any kind (including water), but this can for the most part be largely ignored. This is particularly apt when you factor in rooms have a fridge and glasses.

What are the excursions like on a Nile Cruise?

If you are not into Egyptian, Greek, or Roman history then cursing the nile in general, as well as visiting Egypt will be lost on you. Therefore this is largely what the excursions, most of which are included are all about.

Some of these are frankly awe inspiring, and even if this is not usually your kind of thing, it is hard not to be impressed with all the history.

You will also get some time to simply explore the towns on the Nile that you stop at, which for me at least really gave an extra sense of adventure.

Is a River Cruise very YPT?

What is and isn’t YPT is something that changes regularly. Now while a River Nile Cruise might seem a bit mainstream from the outside, it is a lot more adventurous than simply taking a Carnival Cruise on the Caribbean.

It can also be combined with our tours to Cairo and beyond, Socotra, as well as Sudan and Bir Tawil – one day at least.

Will YPT be running River Nile Cruises?

That is exactly our plan and indeed why we decided to run this research trip. And while we do not know exactly when we will run them, we aim to offer them FIT and at the best prices, as well as part of our group tours to Egypt.

So, if you are interested in doing. River Nile Cruise with us, then watch this space or Get In Touch.

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