Young Pioneer Tours

Western Africa

In 2018, YPT has launched a wide range of tours to Africa but also networked with local partners in many countries of Africa. We have chosen to team up with these partners because they are highly professional and take our customers satisfaction and safety extremely seriously.

For many people, self-travel to Western Africa can be a real headache as public transportation options are very limited. In certain areas, it can also sadly be dangerous without local contacts to vouch for you and stay informed with the latest word in the street not to mention the language barrier in those predominantly french speaking countries. It is a pity since those destinations, while full of concerns to the outsider, are also some of the most rewarding to visit! These concerns all easily vanish when you go through us and plan the perfect holiday.

YPT can organise trips through a large part of western Africa with our network there expanding every month! Here are some of our best sellers:


Burkina Faso