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We need YOU… to guide and stuff 

YPT is kind of a big deal. We didn’t necessarily envision being where we are now, where we have to think about logistics and stuff, but we are. And on occasion, we find that we need more people to guide and blog and do social media stuff. So here we are, dear reader, throwing ourselves on your mercy.

Given how outrageously successful we are and how many more tours our feverish, tortured-genius brains keep throwing out, we find ourselves in need of two new staff members. One will focus on international tours, and the other on North Korean tours. Yes, we know that counts as ‘international’ for some, but shut up. We don’t hire pedants (editor’s note: yes you do).

Being nice to children preferred optional probably for the best.

In an ideal world, you’ll have guided before, but if you haven’t it’s not the end of the world. If you’ve got the right kind of personality for the job and we think you can handle it, we’ll make it work. Rome wasn’t built in a day – I think that saying applies here (editor’s note: not really but whatever)?

Speaking of personalities: we find that shrinking violets don’t really do well in the guiding world. We’re looking for confident, upbeat, dynamic people who can lead a bunch of people to strange places, keep them engaged, pull out the odd drinking/card game and handle the logistical side of things whilst the customers have a good time.

Throwing some sick shapes in the house of dance definitely a plus.

But guiding isn’t the whole pie, and we’re all very much jack-of-all-trade types. When we’re off-tour, we still do stuff. That’s why we’d strongly prefer people who have backgrounds in social media, writing, website development or admin systems. Gallivanting around the world to exotic places ain’t the whole job, alas.

If this sounds like something you reckon you could handle, say no more. Actually, say much more, but do it with a CV and a cover letter to

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