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Visiting the Polygon Nuclear Test Site

Once a secretive testing ground for Soviet nuclear weapons, the Polygon now stands as a haunting reminder of humanity’s atomic ambitions. But what is it? And why visit it?

What is the Polygon Nuclear Test Site?

The Semipalatinsk Test Site (STS) or more commonly known “Polygon Nuclear Test Site” was once a nuclear testing ground for the Soviet Union. Here some of the world’s most dangerous weapons were researched and tested during a tense time in history – The Cold War Era. 

From its establishment in 1947 until its closure in 1991 it was at this site where hundreds of nuclear detonations, encompassing atmospheric, underground, and underwater tests occurred. Hence making it one of the most somber and scariest places in history.

Where is the Polygon Nuclear Test Site Located?

The Polygon nuclear site is located in Kazakhstan, which may be surprising, but the land of vast steppes and rugged mountains, alongside its soviet past, made it the ideal place. 

The site covers an area of approximately 18,500 square kilometres, making it one of the largest nuclear test sites in the world.

The Status of the Site Today

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Semipalatinsk Test Site was closed. In turn (and thankfully), Kazakhstan became a nuclear-free country. Since this time, efforts have been made to rehabilitate the site and address the environmental and health impacts of decades of nuclear testing. Also, as a testament to nature, it has begun to rehabilitate itself even slightly. 

Today, the Polygon Nuclear Test Site stands as a dangerous reminder of how deadly nuclear weapons are. It is also a place to pay tribute to the victims of atomic testing and advocate for a world free of such violence.

Introducing Polygon Nuclear Test Site Tour

From our foundation, YPT has always been fascinated by soviet themes. Even our name is a nod to the Soviet-era Young Pioneers, youth organizations in the former Soviet Union and other communist countries, so this is an obvious choice. 

So, in 2024, we are bringing the trip back to embark on a journey of the Soviets, looking at their aims and uncovering the secrets of this enigmatic place while paying tribute to those who lost their lives. We aim to provide valuable insights into the history of nuclear testing and continue striving for a more peaceful world in the most uncertain times.

What Our Polygon Nuclear Test Site Tour Entails in Brief

The gateway to the Polygon Nuclear Test Site is Semipalatinsk, once a closed city shrouded in secrecy. Here, we will visit the nuclear test site museum to learn about the history and impact of the region. This will be an essential aspect of the trip to fully understand the implications and purpose of our visit. It is no doubt confronting the human cost of nuclear testing on local communities will shed further on the horrors of nuclear war.

We will then travel to Lake Balapan to get a first-hand look at all we have learned. Here, a crater lake was formed by underground nuclear tests, and despite its radioactive origins, Lake Balapan is now home to a thriving ecosystem.

Why visit a Nuclear Test Site?

The Polygon has a dark legacy of nuclear testing while showcasing the natural world’s enduring beauty. In creating this tour, we wanted to share with our customers a reality many choose to ignore. The memories here will no doubt leave a renewed commitment to preserve our planet and ensuring that future generations never experience the same disasters.

When visiting the site, we exercise all precautions, wear the correct gear, and follow all safety guidelines. 

Spots are limited; are you ready to join us?

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