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Views from the south

The tour part of SK was essentially to take in 2 major parts, the war museum, and the flip side of the 38 coin, Panmunjom from the southern side of the fence.

So to start with the museum, well it’s my third Korean War Museum after the DPRK and China, and what amazed me most was just how damn similar it was, is to the one in the DPRK, propaganda, yes, selective, somewhat, even the architecture. Most shockingly, the best and most balanced was in my humble opinion the one in Dandong….

Now for the DMZ…..fairly different from the other side for a number of reasons. Firstly you stop in a range of places, with the emphasis being far more on the north, and life there than the actual South. The actual Panmunjom part is also alarmingly more up tight, with the restrictions placed on you quite high compared to the other side.

It was also extremely interesting to hear “their” view of things, with some of their facts being quite off, but tour business, show business, government business whatever….

We did though get to see the bridge of no return, and the train line to the North. One day!

Now I don’t want to dwell on what one side and the other side say, but interestingly they did say that there were hardly any tourists from the north these days…my group at least got to chuckle at that part.

Tour over, and goodbye to a good group.

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