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United States Eases Sanctions on Venezuela

The United States has significantly eased sanctions in Venezuela in a deal linked to the 2024 Venezuelan general election. It is hoped that such a deal will among other things make it once again easier for US citizens to visit their old rich neighbour.

Why were their sanctions in the first place?

Relations between the two countries sourced after left-wing firebrand Huge Chavez came to power within the county in 1999. He has since been replaced by President Maduro, but the left-wing rhetoric has remained.

As for why there were sanctions? Well it is very Cold War One, rather than Cold War 2.0 with Venezuela for a long time bankrolling Cuba, as well as allegedly not holding free and elections.

From the Venezuelan standpoint the US have been constantly trying to overthrow they government.

United States Eases Sanctions

The easing of sanctions related to the nations oil industry comes after the government and opposition figures agreed terms for the 2024 general elections in the country, although the more cynical out there might see other issues as being more important.

The United States have been trying to improve ties with Venezuela since the start of the War in Ukraine, as a further counterweight to over reliance on Russian oil and gas.

Venezuela officially has the third largest confirmed oil reserves in the world.

You can read about OPEC here.

What will this mean for travel to Venezuelas?

Officially Americans are not banned from visiting Venezuela, but over the years the visa has traditionally been not only extremely expensive, but also nigh on impossible to get.

With the relative detente caused by this latest move it is hoped this transfers to those issuing visas and Americans can one again travel to Venezuela.

From our side we are happy to take bookings for our upcoming Venezuela torus.

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