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Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea – DPRK Guide 2024

The Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea is a major North Korean trade union and represents agricultural workers, rather than industrial workers, who are represented by the General Federation of Trade Unions.

Aside from this they are also represented in the Supreme Peoples Assembly (SPA), the governing parliament of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK).

History of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea

Founded in in 1946 it has traditionally been a patriotic union in support of the government, rather than a traditional private union for workers rights. In 1966 it was revamped in line with Kim Il Sung’s Thesis on the Socialist Rural Question of our Country.

Originally founded ads the Farmers Union of North Korea, it later changed to Farmers Union of Korea, before the later change in 1966 in line with government policy.

Membership of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea

There are officially 1.6 million members of the union, all of which receive aid and education related to agricultural work in North Korea.

Members as with any other sector also receive the equally as important ideological lessons in line with the Workers Party of Korea. Unlike with other political parties members of religions in North Korea can also be members of the union.

Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea as a political force

The Union of a member of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland, which means it is eligible to send members to the North Korean parliament for election. They are currently represented.

The current chairman of UAWK is Han Jong-hyok. The party produces the periodical Agricultural Working People of Korea in Korean and English. Alas we have yet to read this in our travels to North Korea.

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