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Traveling to Koh Rong


When it comes to travel in Cambodia YPT, tends to specialize in Dark Tourism, but having now been coronavirus refugees we have started to travel a bit out of our comfort zone. In this respect, out of our comfort zone has meant going to beach paradises like Koh Rong.

Where is Koh Rong?

Koh Rong is situated on the southern coast of Cambodia, opposite the “Chinese” city of Sihanoukville. If you think calling it a Chinese city is unfair, then travel there. It looks like a tier 3 Chinese city, the signs are all in Chinese, and you do not meet all that many Khmer. Politics aside, Sihanoukville very much caters to a Chinese crowd now, and the beach party atmosphere has long gone. Although, if you like casinos, then this is an excellent place to be.

To reach Koh Rong from Sihanoukville it takes around 45 minutes by high-speed ferry, although this of course can depend a lot on the weather.

What Is the Weather Like in Koh Rong?

Temperatures do not alter all that much, although typhoons do sometimes arrive. During the rainy season, it can resemble England a little bit (although much hotter). On a good sunny day, expect things to be about a nice healthy 30 degrees.

Why Visit Koh Rong?

Koh Rong and its sister island of Koh Rong Sanloem are island paradises, so you should ask yourself more why you would not visit! As things currently stand and with coronavirus crippling Cambodia’s tourist industry, it is probably one of the best places in Cambodia you can visit right now.

What Is There to Do on Koh Rong?

Basically, as much, or as little as you want to do. You can spend your days playing in the water or hanging about in your beach hut, or go Koh Rong Island Hopping, diving, or stuff like renting a jet-ski on the island.

Where Is the Best Place to Visit on Koh Rong?

Koh Rong is a big island, so it best depends massively on what you are looking for, but the place with most to do and that offers the most “action” is Koh Toch beach. Koh Toch, also spelled Koh Tock and Koh Touch, features shops, bars, restaurants, and a heap of hotels and beach houses. It is all about the beach houses on Koh Toch/Koh Touch.

Koh Rong Hotels

There are budget options from a few dollars if you are happy to stay in a dorm, but if you want a proper sailor experience, then you cannot beat the beach huts at White Beach Resort, or the Tree Houses at Treehouse Bungalows.

Koh Toch nightlife

Nightlife is either centred around the town, namely at Buffalo Bar, or Runaways, or at the Treehouse mentioned above Bungalows.

The Nightlife of Koh Rong/Koh Toch

The nightlife here at the moment is very ex-pat centric, of which many many still remain. This means that weekends or special events, such as Halloween, tend to a big deal. There’s not all that many bars on Koh Toch, so expect to visit them all during the space of one evening. Parties can go on all night here, depending on the mood of the reveller

Is it worth visiting Koh Rong?

Not a classic YPT destination, but who doesn’t love a beach paradise every now and again. Oh, and Koh Rong has monkeys, lots and lots of monkeys!

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