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Travel Update – Iraqi Kurdistan

*Breaking News – Sulaymaniyah Airport to Reopen*

Following the referendum on independence in Iraqi Kurdistan on the 25th of September, the situation in Kurdistan has grown even more complicated, to say the least.

At present the region is divided between two main parties, the PUK and the KDP, and this division is being reflected in the announcements we are receiving.

Today YPT has learned that Sulaymaniyah Airport will be opened again on the 21st of October, under Iraqi control, a deal reached with the PUK.

There is no similar deal with Erbil and the KDP on the horizon.

It is possible, or even likely, that the Iraqi visa will therefore be enforced in Sulaymaniyah, we will advise on this when we have further information.

YPT has one group currently in Iraqi Kurdistan, on a tour that entered over the land border with Turkey. We will keep abreast of the situation on the ground with our local partners to make all our future tours happen, and provide our customers with all the relevant assistance they might need to join the tour.

Join us in April on our next tour to Iraqi Kurdistan at a time when more than ever you can be a part of living history!

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