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Three Kingdoms of Korea

Here at YPT, we tend to focus quite a bit on the more recent history on the Korean Peninsula, but Korean history goes back thousands of years. Today let’s look at the Kingdoms of Korea who dominated Korea and parts of Manchuria.

Three Kingdoms of Korea Period

This was a period of time when the country was divided into three rival Kingdoms known as Silla, Goguryeo and Baekje between the years of 57 BCE TO 668 BCE.

The Three Kingdoms:


The Goguryeo dynasty was the largest of the kingdoms and ruled over the Northern part of Korea. Goguryeo was under constant threat of invasion from Chinese forces and nomadic warriors. Throughout its history, the Goguryeo dynasty was an incredibly powerful empire and a great power in East Asia


Silla was another one of the kingdoms of ancient Korea and the most isolated located in the Southeast of the country. It existed from 57 BC to 935 and is famous as the longest sustained country in Korean history. The Name Silla means that the virtuous achievements of the king are renewed every day and extended all over the world.


Baekje controlled the Southwest part of the Korean Peninsula and throughout its history at various times allied with both Silla and Goguryeo. At its peak, Baekje controlled most of the western side of the Peninsula, including what is today modern-day Pyongyang.

What Happened to The Kingdoms of Korea?

The Kingdoms were finally were united under the single banner of the Silia kingdom after they were taken over by a coalition of the Tang Dynasty in China and Silla forces. The Unified Silla Kingdom would last for 267 years.

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