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Tajikistan Independent Tours

The ‘Stans’ make up some of the least visited and least known parts of the world. But naturally, YPT has you covered. Whether you like the mystery of Turkmenistan, ancient cities of Uzbekistan, a space launch in Kazakhstan or the mountain culture of Kyrgyzstan YPT has the trip for you.
Throw into that independent tours of Tajikistan and a group tour in Xinjiang, sometimes referred to as East Turkestan, and our reach in the region is pretty extensive.
And hey, you might have heard we even go to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Tajikistan Sample Itinerary: Independent Tours 


Day 1: Arrive in Dushanbe. Transfer to the hotel. Free time to explore the city at your leisure.

Day 2: Dushanbe (850m). Visit to the Museum of Antiquities, a wonderful of Buddhist art from the lost cities of Kushan empire, the Greco-Bactrian school of art from various sites along the Oxus and elsewhere, with great Buddha in Nirvana (After destroying of Bamian Buddha in Afghanistan this is the biggest in Central Asia). Excursion to Hissar Fortress, the Kohna Madrassah museum and nearby Seminary. Dinner at a local restaurant in Hissar. Overnight in Hotel. B, L, D.


Day 3: Dushanbe to Kailaikham (380km, 1200m) – Drive east from Dushanbe towards Khorog and the Pamirs Over a mountain Saghridasht pass to Kalaikhum and the scenery and people change. Here the people are Pamiris a number of separate groups with their own languages. Overnight in guesthouse. B,L,D.


Day 4: Kalai Khumb- Bartang (250 km, 1500m). After breakfast driving along the Panj river upstream to Bartang valley we arrive to the meeting point of the Bartang and Panj Rivers. From here, the rout will turn off the main road and follow the Bartang River upstream. Bartang is dotted with small villages and plots of land are carved out of the mountainsides to provide for the local farmers. Considered one of the most beautiful spots in the western Pamirs, the valley is famous for its superb hiking, hospitable villages and local musicians. Cross the river by the cable Cabin. Trekking to Gisev Valley (10 km, 2600m). Gisev village is one of the ecological villages in the Pamirs that still has neither vehicle road not electrical cabling. Some houses use solar energy or small generators. The entire valley has only about 15 houses. This valley has many small beautiful lakes, different varieties of birds and herbs and few groves and is very popular for tourists. We will cross the Bartang river through wooden bridge but optionally we can cross by cable cart that is used by locals. Home Stay in Gisev Village (2000m). B.L.D.


Day 5: Exploration of the area. Renowned for its beautiful and clear lakes, the area is incredibly scenic and is a good place to sample the traditional Pamiri way of life. Walk here up to the higher lake (8-10km, 3400m). Camp. (B, L, D).


Day 6: Descent to the Gisev. Camp on the shore of second lake (10km, 2600m). B,L,D


Day 7: Trek from Gisev to Ravmed dara Valley (12km, 2500m). Today we will continue our tracking program with Gizev to the valley of Ravmed, through the untitled pass (4200m). After the pass, in the valley, we will meet our cars, which will take us to Hycez, where we will stop for the night.


Day 8: Drive to Khorog (120km, 2060m). The road will follow near Panj River, a tributary of the mighty Amu Darya (the famous River Oxus). Khorog is the administrative centre of the Pamir region, dramatically set deep in the valley at the confluence of the Panj and Ghunt rivers and boxed in by the mountain peaks. Visit to Botanical Garden and local Khorog Market. Accommodation in Pamir Lodge HS. B,L,D.


Day 9: Khorog–Murghab (370km, 3500m). After breakfast we will leave Khorog, we will come to Murgab via M41 Pamir High Way and Gund Valley. Murgab is a quiet town with an only bazaar of the High Pamir region where Kyrgyz’s and Tajiks live. Visit to handicraft shop in “Yak House”. Homestay. B, L, D.

Day 10: Murgab – Kyzyl Art to Tajik Kyrgyz Border. The views of mountains and glaciers along the way today are simply breath taking as the road takes us to the Ak Baital Pass (The White Horse Pass 4655m). This is the highest pass in the former USSR. Short visit to Karakul Lake and village (3923m). This is indeed the “The Roof of the World” and the hidden site in this expanse of arid landscape is the stunning Karakul Lake, created millions of years ago by a meteorite and noted as one of the most geologically fascinating places on earth. We will have an opportunity for a short walk along the lake. The surrounding area offers some spectacular views, which are especially dramatic with the sun setting over the nearby snow-capped mountains. After some time we will arrive to Tajik check post on the top of Kyzyl Art Pass. The tour ends on the Border. B.

Sample pricing based on 2 persons:

$3255 per person


  • All accommodation in single rooms
    • Vatan Hotel in Dushanbe (or similar depending on availability)
  • English speaking escort guide (Days 2-10)
  • All meals outside of Dushanbe and Khorog
  • Transport according to the itinerary
  • Entrance fees
  • Extra night of accommodation in Dushanbe ($90 per single room)


  • Meals in Dushanbe and Khorog
  • Optional activities or activities outside of the program
  • Travel insurance