Young Pioneer Tours


In 2019, YPT started running tours to some of the most promising countries for tourism in Africa: Sudan and South Sudan. After the civil war which led to the creation of the world’s youngest country, what used to be one Sudan turned into two and already they couldn’t be more different!

Sudan, a muslim-majority country, is often described as Egypt without the tourists. It is a country that is getting more and more open but yet isn’t facing the hordes of tourists that Luxor and Kheops get. In Sudan, you can visit the pyramids of Meroe, busy souks as well as necropolis and feel like you are the only non-sudanese around.

Sudan used to require many permits, however, it is becoming easier by the year and for the other things, just let us deal with them!

As well as having regular scheduled group tours there, YPT can also arrange the following:

  • Visa on arrival
  • Independent tours (day tour to Khartoum, camping in Meroe, week long tours and much more)
  • Overland tours to Egypt
  • Expeditions to Bir Tawil, the world’s only unclaimed inhabitable sliver on land.


For those who truly want to get off the beaten path, YPT can arrange trips to Darfur through our extensive network of local professionals. Previously completely off-limits, it is now possible to arrange trips to the troubled area of Darfur provided you have an escort from the government. We offer private 6 day tours by plane and 10 days tours overland from Khartoum. Get in touch!