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Somaliland doesn’t technically exist. Here it is anyway

When you think of Somalia, you probably think about pirates and danger, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But although Somalia is considered too dangerous for tourists, the unrecognised country of Somaliland couldn’t be more different. Here, the safety of their rare guests is paramount, and foreigners are welcomed.

Still recovering from a brutal civil war, Somaliland doesn’t technically exist. Somalilanders, not surprisingly, aren’t impressed with this state of affairs. They’re rightfully quick to highlight how their country built a democratic political system and a stable government. This self declared republic is steeped in history and buzzing with culture, and the local people are extremely friendly. Somaliland is fundamentally different from the other countries in the region — and almost anywhere else on the planet.

Whenever we decide to take a tour group to a new destination, we always send an experienced YPT guide in first. Basically, we test run the tour; check quality, make recommendations and adjust the itinerary. Armed with her notepad and camera, YPT’s Nat ventured into Somaliland this January 2016.

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For a truly off the beaten track experience to one of the planets least visited destinations, come with us this May on our Somaliland Independence Day Tour. We’ll also visit Eritrea; this fascinating and beautiful country falls well below most travelers radars, so why not join us for both? 

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Want to learn more? We interviewed our partner in the country- Here’s the Thoughts of a Somali Tour Guide.

Photography by Natsuno Shinagawa | 2016

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