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Socialismo o muerte!

Socialismo o muerte!! And the biggest celebration in socialist Cuba. May Day is holiday that has survived the passage of time and is a national holiday in more than 80 countries and celebrated unofficially in many other countries Originating as a pagan holiday marking a cross quarter day in the wheel of the year, the 3rd of 8 evenly spaced holidays. This one marking the first day of summer.

It then became Christianized as most Pagan festivals were, losing its religious significance but roughly coinciding with the Pentecost where energetic Christians would take to the roofs of their churches to scatter red rose petals, celebrating the birth of the Virgin Mary.

People would leave baskets of sweets and flowers anonymously on their neighbors steps. And it spread through Europe as Germanic, Catholic and Celtic culture all encouraged.

Despite being abolished by puritan parliaments at certain stages in history the holiday survived long enough to become not only a bank holiday and a distress call but most importantly to become the International Workers Day, the humble origins of which ironically originate from a police shooting on workers in the USA back in 1886.

International Workers Day (May Day)

18 years later the International Socialist Conference famously called for “all Social Democratic Party organizations and trade unions of all countries to demonstrate energetically on May First for the legal establishment of the 8-hour day, for the class demands of the proletariat, and for universal peace.”

This bold calling found a home in the socialist workers hearts, who then successfully  claimed this day as their own in a staggering number of countries, becoming the longest-standing singular socialist movement in history.

May Day remains a trophy to the power of global collectivism, and in many countries military parades and bonfires commemorating socialist martyrs are now annual traditions. It is easy to overlook the significance of this day, which many just think of as a bank holiday, which is why spending May Day in the right place can be the memory of a lifetime.

Socialismo o muerte! And May Day

Of all countries, Cuba is perhaps the most energetic and atmospheric place to experience this socialist pride. In 2011, guests from 73 countries and 167 representatives of labor and social organizations worldwide joined the march in Habana. In 2012 Cuba’s May Day celebrations made international news for the extent and passion of their marches, with signs sporting Socialismo o muerte! (Socialism or Death!) Cries of “Long live Fidel and Raul!” and “Down with imperialism!” filled the streets.

Socialismo o muerte
Socialismo o muerte

It is this reason we have put together a tour to get us into the thick of this years celebrations. Our special price for this tour is a one time offer and places are filling up fast, so if you want to experience the Ultimate May Day experience get in touch now!

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