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Skiing in The DPRK?

When most people think of tourism in North Korea, they probably don’t think of activities like Skiing. Yet plans are underway to introduce not just one but as many as three new skiing locations, all of which will allow foreigners to hit the Korean slopes. (The only one at the moment is for locals only).

The first will be not far from Wonsan city on the East Coast and was originally planned for completion in April this year, however it will now be expanded more than originally intended and will not be open until 2014.

The other two locations are planned for the Mt. Chilbo region in North Hamgyong province. One will be for amateurs and first time skiers, the other is targeted at professional skiers (and is not far from a helipad…) ETA on the first of these is not until 2015 at least.

At the moment it’s an exciting time to be conducting tours to North Korea, with more and more activities and locations opening up, Satellites reaching orbit and the Ryugyong hotel promising to partially open soon.


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