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Join YPT in Belgrade next year and see Rammstein live

The legendary metal band Rammstein announced today the dates of their 2024 European stadium tour. They will be playing in Belgrade right when our Ultimate Yugoslavia Tour will arrive in the city. A great way to add some fire to the trip!

It’s the most unexpected date of their new tour! Rammstein will play in Belgrade on the 24th of May 2024, they announced this morning. The band, which will play from May to July across Europe (Prague, Lyon, Barcelona, Athens, Dublin…), will stop in Serbia for the third time in its history. Last time they come to Serbia was in 2013, so saying that the local fans are excited would be an understatement!

The concert will take place right in the middle of our Ultimate Yugoslavia Tour. Consisting of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia, this trip goes through every country from the former Yugoslavia.

Travelling through beautiful scenery, exploring forgotten memorial sites, visiting war torn villages and cities where life continues, you’ll experience a mixture of ancient and modern history through times of peace and conflicts.

Rammstein in Pictures

On the 24th, we’ll be arriving from Podgorica to Belgrade. After exploring the city, you’ll have the opportunity to go to Park Ušće for the concert.

Under the towering stage, in the heart of the crowd, you’ll understand why Rammstein is considered one of the best live bands ever. Their theatrical performance, jaw-dropping pyrotechnics and ingenious gimmicks turned them into stagecraft masters. A metal pram on fire? Check. Flamethrowing guitars? Check. The frontman, Till Lindemann, using a cannon to shoot flames at the keyboardist? Check. A pyro backpack that turns the singer into a flaming peacock? Check.

This grandiose show is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, even for those not familiar with metal music. No need to know the lyrics of megahits like Du hast, Sonne, Engel, Deutschland or Du riechst so gut to enjoy the show. After all, who doesn’t like fire?

Click here for more information on our Ultimate Yugoslavia Tour. YPT can help with tickets for the show.

Rammstein Stadium Tour dates 2024:

11 May 2024 – Czech Republic, Prague, Airport Letňany
15 May 2024 – Germany, Dresden, Rinne (Open Air Gelände an der Messe)
16 May 2024 – Germany, Dresden, Rinne (Open Air Gelände an der Messe)
24 May 2024 – Serbia, Belgrade, Ušće Park
30 May 2024 – Greece, Athens
05 Jun 2024 – Spain, San Sebastián, Estadio Anoeta
08 Jun 2024 – France, Marseille, Orange Vélodrome
11 Jun 2024 – Spain, Barcelona, Estadi Olímpic
15 Jun 2024 – France. Lyon, Groupama Stadium
18 Jun 2024 – Netherlands, Nijmegen, Goffertpark
23 Jun 2024 – Ireland, Dublin, RDS Arena
27 Jun 2024 – Belgium, Ostend, Park Nieuwe Koers
05 Jul 2024 – Denmark, Copenhagen, Valbyparken
17 Jul 2024 – Austria, Klagenfurt, Wörthersee Stadion
18 Jul 2024 – Austria, Klagenfurt, Wörthersee Stadion
21 Jul 2024 – Italy, Reggio Emilia, RCF Arena (Campovolo)
26 Jul 2024 – Germany, Gelsenkirchen, Veltins-Arena
27 Jul 2024 – Germany, Gelsenkirchen, Veltins-Arena

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