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Pyongyang Duck BBQ Restaurant

The Pyongyang Duck BBQ restaurant is one of the best and most iconic restaurants in Pyongyang.

Let me tell you! Ten years ago, Pyongyang was a very very different place to what it is today, and certainly, from a restaurant point of view, options were a little more sparse shall we say. Back then, the duck BBQ restaurant was generally considered one of the best restaurants in the country and was more often than not where farewell meals were held.

Nowadays, there are a lot more culinary options in Pyongyang, and while it certainly isn’t the best restaurant in Pyongyang anymore, it is still a great place to eat.

So, what is the skinny on the Pyongyang Duck BBQ? Well, it is a restaurant that specializes in duck bbq (did you guess that bit already?) located on Tongil (reunification) Street in Pyongyang.

And when we say specialises in duck, we are doing it a massive disservice, as they have duck everything from soup to hearts! The key here, though, and what sets this apart, is that the central part of the meal is true to form Korean BBQ, including all the great sauces, but with excellent duck meat.

As per the standard with Korean BBQ, you essentially cook the meat yourself in the centre of the table, before dipping it in the sauce and then wrapping it in a lettuce leaf, and, would you believe it, eating it almost like a sandwich! You really do gotta love Korean cuisine.

Another reason why I have always loved the place is that it is essentially where I discovered soju. Basically, when you do a tour to North Korea, generally speaking, all meals are included, and lunch and dinner come with a beer, but not at the Pyongyang Duck Restaurant.

Here in place of a Taedonggang Beer, you are served soju. As this restaurant is usually visited on the last night, this means lots of toasts and cheering!

Can you ever get too much of that?

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