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Pyongyang Duck BBQ Restaurant – DPRK Guide

Introduction – Pyongyang Duck BBQ Restaurant

Pyongyang Duck BBQ Restaurant is one of the most iconic restaurants of any tour to North Korea. Known as the Tongil Street duck BBQ restaurant it is located in an East Pyongyang residential neighbourhood.

Often the restaurant of choice for the final meal of tour, the restaurant is a communal experience requiring diners to get down and dirty and grill up their own dinner.

The Restaraunt Layout

The restaurant is a two-storey building and on any given day is generally packed with local Koreans and foreign tourists alike.

When entering through the first floor, the washroom is on your left-hand side. To the right is a large dining room for local Koreans looking to get their fix of duck and a quick bite to eat along with a small beer bar for locals to let off some steam after a long workday.

The second floor of the joint is dedicated to larger groups of Koreans and foreign tourists featuring large dining spaces as well as separate private dining rooms able to accommodate mid-sized to large groups.

What is on the Menu?

The restaurant specializes in all things duck with a plethora of duck-based dishes on offer.

For tour groups visiting the restaurant, each table sits four people with a grill in the middle of the table. Upon arrival, the waitresses will bring out Korean side dishes and plates stacked full of duck meat waiting to be cooked.

Served alongside the duck is also lettuce with soybean and chilli paste. The typical Korean way to enjoy duck BBQ is to take a cooked piece of meat and wrap it in the lettuce with soybean paste and chilli.

After the main course of duck meat has been grilled up and enjoyed, the waitresses will bring out rice and a duck based soup to wash it all down.

The restaurant can also cater to vegetarians and vegans, so make sure to let us know while booking your tour, and we will make sure the restaurant prepares a separate meal for your dietary requirements.

The Korean rice wine soju comes included with the meal, and additional bottles can be purchased for 15 RMB extra. The restaurant also stocks ice-cold bottles of taedonggang beer available for purchase at 10 RMB per bottle and excellent red wine from Bulgaria that goes for 70rmb a bottle. Non-alcoholic beverages such as water, tea, coffee, juice and soda are also available.

Want to enjoy duck at one of Pyongyang’s best restaurants? Contact us today to start planning your tour to North Korea.

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