Young Pioneer Tours

Pyongyang Activities



We have access to bicycles in Pyongyang. If you’d like a half day or full day city cycle of Pyongyang please let us know and we’ll draft you up an itinerary. Cycling starts from €150.


Play a round at the Pyongyang Golf Course! A round costs €100 including club hire and a caddy.

Dolphin Show

See the Dolphin show at the Rungna Island Dolphinarium (€10 per person).

Circus Performance

See the Circus show at the Pyongyang Circus Exhibit (€20 per person).

Taedong River Speedboat ride

Ride along the Taedong River in Pyongyang for $15USD per 10 minutes. You can request to ride all the way down to the West Sea Barrage in Nampo, please enquire for more information.

Football Matches

Catch a live football game in May Day or Kim Il Sung Stadium (obviously this is seasonal and cost depends on the level of football)