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Principality of Islandia Tours

YPT are pleased to announce our full program of Principality of Islandia Tours for 2024 and 2025! Not a real country you say? Islandia means Iceland in Spanish – well we don’t care it is our island and very our country

The Principality of Islandia Tours and Tale

The brainchild of YPT founder and CEO Gareth Johnson in 2008, it was launched in 2018 with the aim of crowdfunding people to buy n island and create a country. This was achived in 2019 and since then the story has gone very viral.

You can read the CNN pitch here

Eventual plans are to build a resort, as well as the country, but until then we offer tours and travel to a private island – you can read more about the project here.

Group Tours to The Principality of Islandia

So right now we have one group tour to Islandia, which also sees us take on Belize overland, but as add more tours they will be added to this page.

Belize Overland and Islandia Tour – June 24th – July 3rd $1895

Come for the weekend to Islandia, or better still for the whole week and see Belize too. And yes we do count them as two different countries. Discounts for members, citizens and return pioneers.

Independent Tours to The Principality of Islandia

OK, so our group tours don’t fit your needs, so why not rent out our island? It might sounds far fetched, but we offer some of the best private island based deals that there are on the market.

For more information on private island tours get in touch, we will be more than happy to help.

Independent Tour Ideas

Need some inspiration on what to do on a private island except drinking rum and pretending to be a pirate? We got you covered.

Retreat on a private island – Yoga, detoxing, bird watching, nudist colony? We are very open minded at YPT about what you might want to do on our private island.

Play Castaway – Wanna be Tom Hanks for a week? Just don’t forget Wilson

Music Festival – When we first stated everyone thought we were FireFest, so why not live out the dream in full?

FAQ About Traveling to the Principality of Islandia

Does it count as visiting a country? Yes it does and we are now featured on the Mark O’Travel App.You can get their app here.

End of questions.