Young Pioneer Tours

Price Increases Coming

Unfortunately due to the poor performance of the euro and the rising costs we’ve faced because of this we have had to increase some of our prices and there may be more to come soon.

We will be increasing the costs of Victory Day Group A, Liberation Day 70th Anniversary Group A and the DPRK Summer Tour Group A prices by 50 euro, however we will be retaining the current prices for a month before this comes into effect so anyone looking to book soon can keep the original price.

One of the largest increases in our costs has come in the form of flights and these may also need to increase shortly. We have always tried to keep these low for our group tours- especially as Americans have no choice but to fly in and out of Pyongyang but sadly we can not continue subsidizing the cost of increased flights much longer so these will also need to increase, though the exact amount is yet to be decided, we will also be holding off on any change in the cost of flight upgrades for group tours until a month has passed.

We’re sorry for the increases but hope you all understand.

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