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Pi Island Beach Nampo – DPRK Guide

Pi Island Beach is located in the Western Port City of Nampo, just a short 5 – 10 Minute drive from the West Sea Barrage.

Pi Island beach is one of our favourite stops, especially during the hot Korean summer, where you can spend a few hours swimming, BBQ’ing, drinking and hanging out with locals.

Check out this video of YPT Matt and Rowan swimming with the locals during our 2014 Summer Tour:

Visiting Pi Island

A classic stop on our Summer and Liberation Day Tour, it is also possible to arrange a visit here during an Independent Tour to North Korea.

Entering the beach requires a small entrance fee (2 Euros Per Person), and once you are in the beach area, The Following facilities are available at Pi Island:

BBQ Area – Located on the changing room building rooftop is a BBQ where it is possible to organize lunch.

Shop – Located near the BBQ area is a small shop selling Korean snacks, soft drinks, water, beer and soju.

Swim Suit Rental – Forgot your swimmers? No problem! Located next to the main entrance is a place renting Korean style swimmers for visitors. Prepare to blend in with the locals!

Inflatable Rental – Next to the place renting swimwear is a small shop renting inflatables for those who want to kick back and relax.

Changing Rooms – Separate changing rooms for men and women complete with hot water!

Of course, the main activity to do at Pi Island is to take a swim with the locals!

The beach is slightly rocky, so take care not to cut your feet, but the water temperature is quite nice in the Summer and a perfect way to cool down.

In addition to swimming with locals, the Koreans visiting here are typically enjoying days off work. There are a variety of games available to play with the locals including archery.

It is also not uncommon to be dragged in a Karaoke session with happy locals!

Don’t be shy to join and check out our list of 5 Essential DPRK Bangers so you can start practising your North Korea Karaoke skills today.


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