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Pakistan unveils visa-on-arrival policy for 5 countries, e-visas for 175 more

In a move widely seen as a move towards facilitating foreign tourism to the country, Pakistan has recently begun a visa-on-arrival policy to 5 preferred countries.

Initially, visas on arrival are available to nationals of the United Kingdom, Turkey, China, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, Islamabad intends to expand the visa-on-arrival policy to all members of the Gulf Cooperation Council at a later date.

The new visa policy is not only a much-needed shot in the arm for Pakistan’s tourism industry, but is also believed to be an attempt at bolstering foreign investment and trade.

Premier Imran Khan has, in the past, addressed the need to revitalise Pakistan’s ailing tourism industry. Khan pointed to the potential for religious tourism to the country, but also the desire of many foreign travellers to experience Pakistan’s diverse natural beauty and rich cultural history.

The relaxation of the visa policy follows an announcment in January 2019, in which it was stated that e-visas would also be offered to nationals of 175 countries.

These reforms, which have been approved by the Pakistani government, have long been seen as necessary and will be vital in revitalising tourism to a country that has been wracked by terrorist violence in the post-9/11 era. After a long period of improving the security situation in the country, several other nations’ state departments have relaxed their travel advisories pertaining to Pakistan, and the relaxation of the visa policy is a natural corollary in the process of increasing both foreign tourism and investment.

The news is, of course, excellent for Young Pioneer Tours and any of our customers looking to travel to this beautiful country, as the previously byzantine visa application system presented no small number of obstacles in visiting Pakistan. Given the changes, our customers can now apply for the e-visa with the assistance of an invitation letter from one of our partners in the country, and the whole process is now much less stressful.

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