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Overview of the Egypt Flag

The Egypt flag has a unique history of revolution and ideology which went through many changes in the past hundred years or so. Let’s delve deeper into how the current Egypt flag came to be as we go back in time.

The Arab Republic of Egypt Flag

Egypt Flag
The Eagle of Saladin is posted in the center in its most recent design.

This is the current flag of Egypt which has been in use since 1984. This variation of the Egypt flag is based on the Revolutionary and Liberation flag used when Egyptian army officers led by Gamal Abdul Nasser overthrew King Farouk, and established a republic. The red, white, and black tricolor design stands for the following: blood that was shed under colonialism, the purity of the Egyptian heart, and overcoming darkness, respectively. These revolutionary colors have also been the inspiration of other Arab nations that declared their independence from European colonial rule such as Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, and the old flag of Libya. Who was Nasser and what did he believe in? You can learn about him here!

Federation of Arab Republics

Egypt Flag - Federation of Arab Republics
If you look closely, the emblem isn’t the same as the modern flag.

This was another attempt at Pan-Arab unity that was led by Muammar Gaddafi. Egypt joined this federation and adopted the flag that other members such as Libya and Syria used. In the Center is the Hawk of Quraish instead of the Eagle of Saladin.

The United Arab Republic

United Arab Republic - Egypt Flag
Look familiar? That’s because a certain country continues to use this flag! Read to find out!

The United Arab Republic was an attempt at uniting the Arab world under a pan-arabist nation state. This flag used the colors inspired by the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 and consisted of two countries:Egypt and Syria. The two green stars stood for the union of these two nations, and more were planned to be added until the UAR dissolved in 1971. Egypt continued to use the flag until 1972, but later the Syrian Arab Republic adopted this flag and continues to use it to this day.

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Republic of Egypt 1953-1958

Republic of Egypt Flag

The Revolutionary and Liberation Flag became the official Egypt flag during the 50’s when the Republic was embraced.

The Kingdom of Egypt

Kingdom of Egypt Flag

This was the banner used under the rule of the Muhammad Ali dynasty after “formal”independence from Britain. This was used until the Revolution of 1952. As we see, the Egypt flag takes a totally different design that was inspired by their Ottoman past.

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