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One step ahead of a shrinking world

The world is is getting smaller, and unique destinations getting fewer. The modern day explorer will not set sail and stumble across a new continent, nor discover an unknown mammal already domesticated by strange foreigners. Even the oceans are rising, sinking tropical islands.
So what options are left for the explorer who wants to set foot into in unknown? We have to make do with setting foot in the places that few dare to, or can afford to. We know more about space than the depths of the ocean but these are both way beyond all but the billionaires amongst us and lets face it, they’re pretty empty.
Places such as Mt. Everest, Easter Island and Antarctica are still on the high end of tourism but realistically achievable for many people, if they can stomach the cold or long boat ride. Now it’s one kind of person to visit such places, it’s unquestionable how life-changing reaching the summit of Everest is to many people but it takes a truly unique person to decide to set up camp, make a new home. A simple forklift license can land you a job in the deep deep South, and these people have some fascinating stories if you take the time to look them up. If we all run away and head South, all our lines meet in one place, Antarctica. You run any further and you are running back to civilization.
The less hermit-like explorers often find themselves in seemingly dangerous countries, checking out political change in the world or push themselves to ride the longest train, bungee from the tallest cliff or have lunch in the most radioactive town. It is these travelers whose numbers are growing faster than ever.
With numbers swelling, the demand to push the limits grows. So for the extreme travelers out there who are reading this now, trying to stay ahead of an ever shrinking world, it is thanks to you that we can try and open opportunities to do unique things, things that stand out from the blur of daily life. Addictive memories that grow with the friends you meet on these unusual paths. We started trying to open the doors for you guys with the DPRK, North Korea being a well known closed door. But now your demand means we have pushed through Tibet, down to Southern Asia, Trans-ed the Siberian to Transnistria, down Eastern Europe into Kosovo. Into the Middle East, through Iran into Armenia. With plans from Antarctica to Somaliland, we will fight on your behalf to bring a community together to explore beyond the guidebook.
Keep your eyes on the road ahead guys and don’t let that backpack get dusty!


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