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Omar El-Bashir ousted from the Sudanese Government

The president of Sudan, Omar el-Bashir, has been ousted from his office by the Sudanese military. This ends the 30-year rule of El-Bashir, who was one of the longest running leaders of North Africa and the Arab World.

Omar el-Bashir became the leader of Sudan after leading a coup himself in 1989 against the then-democratically-elected leader Sadiq al-Mahdi. The rule of el-Bashir, as with many other regimes in the region, was characterized by a highly centralised and autocratic government. It ends shortly after Abdelaziz Bouteflika, president of Algeria, was also ousted. Both of their governances have been ended after widespread public protests, although the situation in Algeria remained peaceful.

At the moment, it is not known what will happen in Sudan following the fall of the strongman and protests are still continuing as the Sudanese are asking for in-depth reforms of their country, the economy of which is not going so well after the fall of oil-based revenues.

Under el-Bashir, fourth leader since the independence of Sudan, the country took an Islamist turn, with  Shariah becoming national law. It is also under el-Bashir that South Sudan seceded and that the genocide in Darfur was perpetrated.

Omar el-Bashir is said to be currently held in custody in a high-security compound. The leaders of the coup have also dissolved the government and suspended the constitution. For the time being, the country is to be led by a transitional military council. Protest leaders are arguing that this kind of transition will not lead to positive changes and are asking the masses to continue protesting until a civilian transitional committee is put in charge of reforming the country.

Even though it is impossible to know the nature of the changes to come in the country, it is sure that the absence of the 75-year-old leader will be felt deeply and that the whole of Sudan`s society might  well change very quickly.

YPT will keep monitoring the situation. At the moment, it is not any less safe for our scheduled group tours, which are mostly happening outside of the protest areas.

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