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A North Korean Circus: Pyongyang Circus

Whether you’re a fan of the circus or not, the talented acrobatics you’ll see at a performance at the Pyongyang Circus is enough to impress anyone and leave you wanting to pay another visit! 

From magic tricks to terrifying acrobatics, the Koreans in the performance certainly have some skill.

The Pyongyang Circus

Completed in 1989, the Pyongyang Circus is a large, grand building with a floor space of 54,000 m2, located in the heart of Pyongyang.  It is a building completed in 1989 and functions not only for circus performances, but also presents shows for acrobatics, synchronized swimming, and stunts on ice.

The performances are spectacular. North Korean circus has inherited best traditions of Soviet circus where a lot of attention was put to nurture athletic and artistic qualities of the performers. Acrobats are flipping and flying all over the place. In some scenes performers do dangerous stunts without the aid of a net or safety wire. The whole show lasts about an hour or so. The best part is when some clowns come out into the audience and grab a couple of people to join them on stage.


Performance cost (about 20 Euro) is usually not included into the tour price and you should have 20 Euro cash available to pay for the visit.

The Pyongyang Circus is a popular afternoon or evening out, though it’s housed in a palatial building a million miles away from your standard big top and sawdust floor. Here you’ll see a stellar display of acrobatics, some very funny clowns and some deeply sad-looking bears who skip rope while dressed in outlandish costumes.

Special performances for special occasions

Animals yes or no


A ticket to watch this fantastic performance will set you back 20 EUR. Tickets can be bought at the door – but make sure to get there early for the best seats!

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