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North Korea City Guide: Nampo

Located approximately 45 minutes southwest of Pyongyang on the mouth of the Taedong River and connected by the Youth Highway, Nampo (also spelt Namp’o, in korean 남포) is an important port city on the country’s west coast.

Nampo provides an excellent escape from the big city life of Pyongyang and has an excellent mix of historical sites, rural life, scenic spots and industry that keeps surprising us!

Nampo Guide – What to do

Chollima Steelworks in Nampo
  • West Sea Barrage – Located 15 kilometres away from Nampo City, This 8 kilometre-long structure was completed by the Korean People’s army between 1981 and 1986. It separates the Taedong River from the Yellow Sea. It was purposely built for land reclamation, flood prevention, irrigation as well as power generation.
  • Cheongsam Cooperative Farm – One of the most famous coop farms in the DPRK. Here, you can have the chance to learn about the coop farming method. It is also possible to explore the village and visit a nursery, the local theatre as well as a local farmer’s house.
  • Tae’an Glass Factory – A massive glass factory making products for both domestic and international consumption. See the entire glass-making process from start to finish.
  • Tokhung Ri Koguryo Tomb – A 5th-century tomb containing some of the best preserved murals from the Koryo dynasty. This site is a UNESCO world heritage site and costs €100 to enter.
  • Chollima Steelworks Factory – A massive steel complex that puts out over one million tons of steel out each year.
  • Kangso Mineral Water Factory – This site is where DPRK’s most famous mineral water is produced. Check out both the glass and plastic bottling procedures and don’t forget to sample some.
  • Nampo City Central Square – Featuring two large statues of President Kim Il Sung and the General Kim Jong Il.
  • Wau Islet – Located near the West Sea Barrage, in the summertime this is the perfect place to enjoy a picturesque beach and hang out with locals during their downtime.

Nampo Hotels

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Ryonggang Hot Spa Resort – One of the most famous Mineral Hot Spas in the DPRK and our favourite place to stay in Nampo, this resort features a spa bath in every room with mineral water. There is also an entertainment complex in the middle featuring table tennis, karaoke and billiard.

Hangu Harbour Hotel – Located in central Nampo – this is the less expensive alternative to the Ryonggang Hot Spa Resort. Featuring a massive banquet hall with excellent seafood, this hotel is a great place for those on a budget.

Restaurants of Nampho

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Clam BBQ Nampo Style – While as of right now there are not many restaurants open for tourists in Nampo, the city is home to what we believe at YPT to be the most unique DPRK culinary experience. What separates clam bbq in Nampo from other places’ then? The local specialty is to cook them in petrol. Watch as your driver pours gasoline all over a concrete slab full of fresh local clams and set them ablaze. Then, enjoy them with a shot of soju!

How to go there

Nampo/Nampho is a fixture on many of our extended North Korean group Tours. Below is a list of tours that will take you to this fascinating city in 2019 / 2020

Liberation Day and Summer Tour – One of our most extended and most anticipated tours every year. Come enjoy Korea and Nampo during the beautiful summer season.

Chinese National Day Tour – Escape the Madness of Chinese National Week and join us for an adventure in North Korea.

DPRK Winter Essentials Tour – Explore North Korea during the offseason and see the country’s beautiful wintery landscape

Kim Il Sung Birthday Tour – Without a doubt, the top holiday of the year in North Korea, come celebrate the birthday of President Kim Il Sung and enjoy the warm weather in Korea.

May Day Tour – Celebrate International workers day in Korea and enjoy perfect weather.

Independent tour – None of our dates work for you? We can arrange bespoke North Korean tour packages for you at any time, get in touch, and one of our sales agents will assist you.

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